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Beautiful, healthy skin starts with the right products of care. FAON offers unique care programs to solve a wide range of health problems.
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Faon Cosmetics

The line preparations are the result of many years of research work of specialists in the field of molecular biology and plant extraction. For decades, the FAON laboratory, which brings together specialists from various fields, has been improving its unique approaches to the production of cosmetics, based on respect for the laws of nature, studying the bioactive potential of plants and careful control of product quality.


The Faon Classic line combines unique medicines for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, acute and chronic rheumatoid diseases. Faon Classic products are used as painkillers to relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, have beneficial effects on muscle tissue and stimulate blood circulation. In this product line you will also find universal wound healing gel, acne treatment gel, natural tooth gel and much more.



The Faon Luxus line includes unique collagen-based anti-aging creams, with the addition of vitamins and minerals, as well as elixirs for skin based on ginseng root, jojoba oil, vitamin E and Karlovy Vary geyser water. In this product line, you will also discover hair care products, nourishing cosmetic milk based on the maral root, a highly effective herbal tonic and much more.



CARLSBAD SALT (flavour-free, lemon flavour, orange flavour) contain a complete range of minerals essential for the body, but which it cannot always receive sufficient amounts of from food. Registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic as a food supplement.



Более 25 лет работы компания Ортомол занимается изучением воздействия микроэлементов и витаминов на человеческий организм. Ежедневно в наш организм с продуктами питания попадает огромное количество различных веществ. Но темп и условия жизни человека постоянно меняются, естественных микроэлементов для поддержания оптимального здоровья становиться недостаточно. В 1968 году американский биохимик Лайнус Полинг сформулировал терапевтический принцип нового направления в медицине, получивший название «ортомолекулярного». Его главным постулатом стало «изменение состояния здоровья при помощи поступления «правильных» молекулярных веществ».

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